Celebration Of Infinite Potential

By Jovanna Poblano

This offering is sold.

In Zuni the three stages of woman are celebrated, maiden, mother, and grandmother. Maiden is shown here symbolizing potential and productive prosperity. Jovanna Poblano's pretty pink mussel shell Corn-maiden is embellished with turquoise and coral accents, and is strung on a delicious stand of turquoise beads. Jovanna took time to incise her wonderful corn body and long flowing hair, and included a star and Dragonfly on this maiden's corn husk shawl. The eyes and mouth are darkened with jet paste. This pink lady is about 2 3/4" long and 1 1/4" wide, while overall necklace is about 23" long. 

Jovanna is the daughter of well known carver Veronica Poblano and the granddaughter of carver Leo Poblano. Leo Poblano died in 1959 while fire-fighting, another important Zuni vocation.