A Hunting We Will Go Badger

By Stewart Quandelacy

Animal: Badger, Material: Pipestone
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Stewart Quandelacy's amazing artistry descends through his mother Ellen Quandelacy (d), who learned the art of fetish carving from her father Johnny Quam (d). The Quandelacy family has helped establish standards of workmanship in fetish carving.

A Badger emerges from its den looking through turquoise inlaid eyes for its coyote friend. Together, they'll hunt in tandem for a meal. Carved from a handsome portion of pipestone, which is actually fossilized clay, with a rich variation of natural color that runs the length of this approximate 2 1/2" long, 3/4" wide and 3/4" tall unswerving creature. No doubt this was a purposeful touch by Stewart, to give a familiar and classic marking to this collectible fetish. A brilliant orange spiny oyster shell point offering bundle is accompanied by a piece of sky blue turquoise and jet attached as a thank you for a badger's animal medicine of tenacity.