By Todd Westika

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Todd Westika's latest piece marries a Six Directional set of hunting animals with an all hand-built wooden box of walnut. The six piece set is carved from Zuni sandstone and each animal is honored with a turquoise arrow point which is fastened with coral and metal beads. Most directional sets are animals of protection; with this set the group is specific to animals who are honored for their hunting skills: Mountain-lion (North), Coyote (West), Bobcat (South), Wolf (East), Eagle (Zenith) and Mole (Nadir). Five of the six animals are mounted to the top of the hinged lid with the mole cleverly hiding on the underside of the lid. The carvings vary in length from 1 3/4" to 2" long. The walnut wood is stained a warm honey amber color highlighting the wood grain patterns and is finished with thin varnish. The bright brass fittings add a bit of shine. In total the box measures about 10" long , 5 1/2" wide by 4" tall.