Quail Family Seed Pottery

By Rachel Concho, Acoma

Animal: Quail, Material: Natural Clay
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Acoma Pueblo potter Rachel Concho pays homage to delightful quail birds in her approximate 1 3/4" tall and 3" in diameter hand-coiled and hand-painted, natural clay and mineral pigments seed pottery. Little seeds rattle inside this lovely work. New Mexico is home to four species of quail. Although they are one of the most abundant non-migratory bird species in the state, a general decline in their numbers is due to habitat loss, the diminished quality of their remaining habitat and climate change. These dear birds are a joy to observe, as their movements and sweetness enchant. A father quail will dutifully lookout for his family while they happily feed like the one on Rachel's amazing pottery. Signed by the artist.

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