Zuni Pueblo Maiden & Man Crocheted Dolls

By Bobbie Natewa

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Bobbie Natewa has been a wonderful fetish carver in the past. She recently brought by a pair of colorful dolls beautifully and skillfully hand-crocheted from soft yarn, dressed and ready for all the doings. Traditionally attired, both the Zuni Pueblo maiden and man each stand at about 16" tall, 13" wide and 7" deep. No detail was spared. The sweet Zuni maiden has whorled hair, wears a dress called a manta secured by a sash belt and has little white boots. Her cape bears Bobbie's initials. The Zuni man is in moccasins, totes a crossbody pouch, wears a head scarf and belt sash with Bobbie's initials woven in. Each collectible doll is generously adorned with miniature costume jewelry as well. This special two-piece set comes with complimentary doll stands. Extra shipping charges may apply.