Crazy Rattle Katsina Doll

By Adrian Leon, Acoma-Hopi

Animal: Crazy Rattle Katsina Doll, Material: Cottonwood
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Adrian Leon's Crazy Rattle Katsina has been exquisitely carved from cottonwood and painted with bright acrylic paints. Pipe cleaner, embroidery thread and feathers adorn this small approximately 3" tall, 1" wide and 1" deep woodwork. It's been said the Rattle Katsina (Aya) is rarely carved and the name is derived from the mask, which looks like a Hopi rattle given to children at traditional ceremonies. Aya is a name for the Hopi dance rattles. These katsinam come in pairs but race one at a time. Some carry yucca whips to swat the loser of each race. Signed by the artist. Extra shipping charge may apply.