By Anthony Gchachu

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Winter has come to The Land of The Shalako and Anthony Gchachu gives us a peak as a Shalako plays tag and races a nimble mule deer. Using a beautiful cool color pallet Anthony captures the playful motion as the Shalako dodges in and out of the snowy trees the young deer close on its heels. Winter white aspens create graphic bars contrasting with the dark conifers behind. 24" high by 20" wide. Extra shipping charges may apply.

In late November or early December an important religious ceremony takes place in Zuni Pueblo during which the six Shalako, the beloved tweleve foot tall messengers from the Rain Gods, come down from their mountain homes bringing blessings and prayers. 

Anthony is a young man with buckets of talent. It would be a shame to miss out on this opportunity to collect his work. Please click here to learn more about Anthony's work. 

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