By Troy Sice

Animal: Bear, Material: Antler
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With all the accoutrement necessary, Troy Sice's Warrior Bear is the embodiment of strength and action.

Masterfully carved from antler, this incredible Bear with lapis eyes, holds an abalone shield that's inlaid with red coral. It also hosts an inlaid pen shell and black lip shell bear paw print surrounded by two arrows set with red coral. Two exquisite antler feathers with burnt out tips are secured with silver to this fabulous shield. A long sterling silver spear is held high in the other raised paw. Each paw is inlaid with jet claws. A single carved shell feather decorates this bear's head.

This courageous bear also wears an extraordinary blanket with nice folds, that's inlaid with a pueblo-inspired design and Dragonfly friends. Troy used amazing materials like variscite, lapis, lapis paste, turquoise, gold lip shell, red coral, orange spiny oyster shell, black lip shell, abalone, pipestone paste, pen shell, cuprite and jet paste to adorn this bear's special blanket. A cross element of crushed lapis paste is finished off with a glowing 24K gold inlay, which is magnificent.

A museum-quality carving, this outstanding bear stands at about 5" tall, 1 3/4" wide and 1 1/2" deep. Extra shipping charges may apply.