Gentle Rabbit Fetish Earrings

By Reva Halate

Animal: Rabbit, Material: Turquoise
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Reva Halate's father was Zuni Pueblo artist Leonard Halate (d). He started in jewelry making in the 1950's eventually taking up fetish carving around 1960. His work was well-known for a wonderful whimsical feel. Reva's siblings are carvers Herbert Halate, Marvelita Phillips and Pansy Natachu. Her nephews are artists Brandon Phillips, Peter and Steven Natachu, plus Justin Red Elk.

Reva's turquoise Rabbit (cottontail or bunny) two-sided fetish earrings are about 1 1/2" long and 1/2" wide, including hook fixtures. Their upright ears are sweetly long and gentle eyes have been drilled and darkened with jet paste.