Deerskin Medicine Pouch With Antique Beads

By Dawn Wilson-Enoch, New Mexican

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Deerskin is supple and durable. Even when wet and dried, the leather's soft texture remains. This high-quality material was utilized by Dawn Wilson-Enoch in her creation of a handmade medicine pouch. No pattern was used in its creation. A copious amount of dancing fringe is adorned with precious antique African trade beads, rich ostrich shell beads and golden brass beads. These colorful trade beads were made long ago in small batches and used to barter oils, incense and metals by Indigenous cultures in Africa. They were also a form of currency. The lovely two-tone strap is approximately 35" long. The pouch with fringe is roughly 6" long and 3 1/2" wide. The internal capacity of the pouch is about 3" by 2". To own a work of wearable art like this is a beautiful time capsule into the old days. Just to touch this buttery soft bag and smell its natural goodness is grounding.