Inspired Of Grandmother Ella's Hummingbird Necklace & Earrings Set

By Darrell Shebola

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Darrell Shebola's fabulous all hand-fabricated sterling silver, Sleeping Beauty turquoise, red coral, pen shell, gold lip shell, pink mussel shell, mother-of-pearl, abalone and black lip shell inlaid Hummingbird necklace and earrings set is inspired of his Grandmother Ella's design. Each bird's feathers show nice incising detail and they have eyes of inlaid turquoise. A gathering of hummingbirds is called a "charm" and no doubt this jewelry suite fits that word. The flower is truly gorgeous, with petals make of pink mussel shell and a thorny stem of a lighter variety of turquoise. The earrings hang at about 2" long including earring fixture and are 1" wide. The overall necklace's length is about 27", while the center hummingbird station is about 3" wide and 2" tall. Signed by the artist.