Jet Bear Fetish Pendant Necklace

By Brian Yatsattie

Animal: Bear, Material: Jet
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Each masterfully carved and polished jet Bear exudes a great personality, especially the center bear who is upright in strength, vigor and protectiveness. All of these friends are strung on a single strand fetish necklace by Brian Yatsattie, a wonderful and prolific artist. Lovely jet and turquoise beads are arranged in an attractive pattern. The overall length of this affordable and collectible necklace is about 24", while the center standing bear pendant is approximately 2" long, 1" wide and 3/4" deep. The adorable cubs measure roughly 2" from adorable nose to tail, 1" long and 5/8" deep. Eyes are beautifully inlaid from turquoise. Please click here to read about identifying fake fetish necklaces.

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