Heart-Stirring Sunface Earrings

By Jesse Johnson

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Jesse Johnson was taught traditional jewelry making from his grandmother and parents while growing up at Zuni Pueblo. He's a decorated Marine veteran. Because of all he experienced while serving in Afghanistan, he needed to heal and it was his grandmother who showed him the way. He says being part of the Mudhead spiritual fraternity has helped him create peace in his life and his jewelry creations are an expression of this positive energy.

His spectacular Zuni Sunface earrings are loaded with many round "snake eye" shaped turquoise pieces that are each set with tiny, custom-cut bezels to support them. This is the way he was taught by his family, to honor the Zuni petit point jewelry tradition. Set in the meticulous stone-to-stone method are exacting pieces of turquoise, jet and mother-of-pearl. They form the Zuni Sunface symbol, which represents the elements in balance. These post earrings are heart-stirring and expressive of the wonderful man and jeweler Jesse is. About 3 1/4" long and 1 3/8" wide. Signed by the artist.