Great Design Sense Spider Pin

By Herbert Ration, Dine (Navajo)

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Incredibly, Spiders are built with a hydraulic system of compressed-fluids that enable them to move their limbs in creating magnificent webs. This amazing ability has inspired scientists and engineers in their endeavors. Spiders have a great design sense and can help awaken our creative spirit through their wide array of intricately woven webs.

Herbert Ration is a wonderful Dine (Navajo) silversmith beloved for his insect jewelry works. His latest offering is an approximate 2" long, 2 1/2" wide and 5/8" tall or deep, spider pin. It's handmade with love and care from sterling silver and delectable materials like lapis lazuli, shimmering moonstone, chatoyant tiger's eye, watery mother-of-pearl, metallic-like hematite, bright spiny oyster shell, happy turquoise and as green as grass malachite. Signed by the artist.