Geometric Splendor Tufa Cuff Bracelet

By Noah Pajarito, Kewa (Santo Domingo)

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Noah Pajarito's glorious tufa cast sterling silver cuff bracelet excites the senses with a geometric design showcasing a bright orange spiny oyster shell specimen. Tufa stone is a compressed volcanic ash material. It is easier to carve than sandstone and its porous surface leaves a unique texture once the metal has cooled. Tufa casting is a labor-intensive process involving many steps. This handsome cuff bracelet's entire inner circumference is about 6 1/2" including the opening of roughly 1". It's 1 1/8" tapering to 3/4" wide. Signed by the artist along with raincloud, spiral and other neat elements. Please click here for help in determining wrist measurements and best fit.

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