Collector's Dream Single Strand Red Coral Bird Fetish Necklace

By Rosita Kaamasee

Animal: Bird, Material: Red Coral
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Rosita Kaamasee is from the greater George Cheechee Haloo (d) family of Zuni Pueblo carvers. George was known for his wonderful fetish necklaces. He was an important figure in Zuni fetish carving, sharing his knowledge with his extended family. No doubt he'd be proud of Rosita, honoring her family's traditional legacy with an extraordinary red coral single strand bird fetish necklace. Each specimen of red coral was carefully selected to match. Although there are many feathered friends on this necklace, each carved bird has a sweetness and lovely presence. They all have drilled eyes that were darkened with jet paste. Strung with fine heishe shell beads, the individual bird's purposely cascade from about 3/4" to 1" long in beautiful presentation. Approximately 30" long, this luscious necklace is a collector's dream.