Bevy Of Birds Link Bracelet

By Eric Lonjose

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Four delightful feathered friends: a territorial blue jay, a shy red cardinal, a quick roadrunner and a determined Hummingbird come together in Eric Lonjose's handmade sterling silver link bracelet. The lovely birds are set in the channel inlay technique, with silver between pieces of carved spiny oyster shell, jet, turquoise, gold lip shell, pen shell, abalone, lapis and mother-of-pearl. The intricacy of their plumage is stunning. Each station measures approximately 3/4" to 1" long, while the overall length of this link bracelet is about 8" long. Signed by the artist.

Please click here to learn more about traditional inlay jewelry in Toshio Sei's 2013 copyrighted book "Figural Designs in Zuni Jewelry". This wonderful publication is not included with Eric's bracelet but can be purchased separately.