By Maxx Laate

Animal: Fox, Material: Antler
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Maxx Laate started carving in 1987 with a pocket knife. His brother Pernell Laate (d) helped him with ideas. Together they learned the art, thanking their ancestors for helping too. Back then Maxx said he'd look at magazines, wildlife postcards and books to get an idea of how an animal might act in its environment. Prior to carving, Maxx used to paint and carve katsinas.

With energy and focus, Maxx's jet-eyed Fox (Wolf or Coyote) spots something in the distance. Always alert to avoid danger, a fox's animal medicine reminds us not to reveal too much too soon, or that exercising discretion and restraint can be key to self-empowerment. Maxx's bushytail measures approximately 2 1/2" tall, 1" wide and 1 1/8" deep, masterfully carved from one antler portion.