By Ray Tsalate

Animal: Grandmother, Material: Antler
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Ray Tsalate's named this breathtaking carving "Grandmother Earth" and is carved from antler, measuring about 5" tall, 3" long, and slightly over 2 1/4" deep. This collectible piece has exquisite details, and the antler specimen has gorgeous natural patterns and colors. The Grandmother's face has inlaid face markings of denim lapis and pipestone; her inviting eyes are of inlaid pen shell while her mouth is of inlaid pink coral. She wears a stunning necklace of red coral beads with a turquoise pendant. Ray masterfully added two magnificent katsina figures to the back of her shawl where a community of colorful people can also be seen. The head of each person is defined by spectacular inlaid materials like turquoise, red coral, jet, lapis, malachite, mother of pearl, pen shell, gold lip shell, and pink mussel shell. The circumference of each boot has inlaid pipestone, and they are also accented with pieces of inlaid red coral and turquoise.