By Travis Lasiloo

Animal: Snake, Material: Marble
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Travis Lasiloo's high standard of craftsmanship and artistry is evidenced by his enchanted and sophisticated slithering Snake. In his early days of carving, Travis was guided by Lance Cheama.

A black marble specimen in its raw state received Travis' attention to detail, transforming it into a realistic animal. A feeling of quietly gliding movement and intricate surface texture, even on the underside, just draws you in. You can almost feel this snake actively searching for a hibernacula, or hiding place below the frost line, in which to take cover as it gets colder.

A beautifully worked rattler and a lifted turquoise-eyed head with forked tongue, makes this astonishing snake come alive. A museum-quality carving that measures about 3 7/8" long, 1 3/8" wide and 5/8" tall.