Extraordinary Parrot

By Dan Simplicio, Jr.

Animal: Parrot, Material: Serpentine
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As a member of the Parrot Clan, Dan Simplicio Jr. is drawn to carving these amazing birds, as seen with his spectacular serpentine parrot. This fetish is the largest piece we've ever seen from him.

This feathered friend views its world through red coral and gold lip shell inlaid eyes. Its beak is well-polished and lovely. This fabulously realistic parrot has incredibly carved wing detail and will bring much happiness to any place upon which it rests.

Dan signed his traditional Zuni name on the underside "Tse Wa Da" and inlaid a red coral heartline or arrow. 

It's perched at about 5 1/2" tall, is 2" wide and 4" deep. We don't see many carvings from him very often. Don't miss this collectible and special carving. Extra shipping charges may apply.