Bushytail Makes Offering

By Rickson Kallestewa

Animal: Bushytail, Material: Alabaster
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Our current Keshi.com Spotlight Artist is Rickson Kallestewa. He is an award-winning artisan who learned years ago by watching his brother-in-law carver Darrell Westika. During his early days in high school, Rickson studied jewelry making but was soon drawn into fetish carving.

He loves working with alabaster, as seen in his nicely-sized bushytail (Fox, Wolf, or Coyote) with an offering jar. It's filled with nuggets of goodness like quartz and blue Corn kernels. Endearing etched facial features are darkened with jet paste. Incised and brightly colored designs decorate this grand offering bowl like a raincloud, lighting bolt, heavenly stars, a Zuni Sunface symbol, winged creatures perhaps a Dragonfly or feathered friend, a crescent moon and a spiral element. About 5" long, 2 1/4" wide and 4" tall. Any of Rickson's creations would be an important addition to any fetish collection.