Chiapas Amber Fetish Necklace & Earrings Set

By Evalena & Lena Boone

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Evalena and Lena Boone's collaborative single strand Chiapas amber and olive heishe shell fetish necklace and earrings set is amazing. In the center is an Owl about 1/2" wide and 1" long, while the rest of the animals average about 5/8" to 1" long. The tadpole or perhaps fish earrings hang at about 2 1/8" long. The overall necklace's length is about 28".

Joining in this wonderful set are creatures like bird, Mountain-lion, Mole, Badger, Bear, Hummingbird, Fox, Wolf, Coyote, Turtle, Frog, tadpole and fish. They all have eyes of inlaid turquoise, except for mole who has incised eyes. Don't miss this gorgeous and collectible work of important wearable art. A sterling silver signature label is attached.