Stone To Stone Sunface Pendant

By Geraldine Lonjose

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We're happy to welcome Geraldine Lonjose to Keshi's website. In Zuni Pueblo tradition the Sunface symbol is beneficial as it represents balance in life: traditionally, turquoise stands for Father Sky, coral stands for Mother Earth, while mother-of-pearl shell and jet represent all the elements in balance. The vibrant turquoise, coral, jet, pen shell, gold lip shell and mother-of-pearl are meticulously set side by side thanks to Geraldine's skillful use of the challenging stone-to-stone inlay technique. Including the unique silver bale fixture, this gorgeous handmade sterling silver pendant elegantly hangs at about 1 1/2" long and 5/8" wide. Signed by the artist. The lovely silver snake chain is not included but is available and sold separately here.