Sea Turtle Sterling Cuff

By Keli'i Eli, Zuni-Hawaiian

Animal: Sea Turtle, Material: Egyptian Turquoise
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Sea Turtles spend most of their lives out in the great oceans. When they nest ashore, hatched eggshells provide nourishment to dune plant life such as beach grasses that in turn, help stabilize the coasts and prevent erosion insuring these sacred beaches will be there for the next generation of turtles to come a shore to lay their eggs. 

20 carats of beautiful blue natural Egyptian turquoise, with intricate black matrix webbing, are set in a handmade castellated bezel, making up the marvelous carapace of this sea turtle honored on Keli'i' Eli's generous sterling silver cuff bracelet.
Keli'i says he was "Inspired by my Hawaiian ancestry, the cuff has a spear design - a weapon used in battle by Koa Warriors also for hunting and protection - used for cutting as well." About 2” wide, with a total interior circumference of 6-3/4” including a 1 1/4" opening. Always pushing himself to master new mediums, we can't wait to see what Keli'i makes next. 

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