Reversible Corn Maiden & Maiden Grandmother Pendant Necklace

By Sandra Quandelacy

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Sandra Quandelacy's reversible jet Corn-Maiden and Maiden Grandmother pendant necklace is amazing. The pendant part itself is about 3" long including bale, 7/8" wide and 5/8" deep. On the Corn Maiden side we see rows of etched corn representing fertility. Inlays of coral, turquoise and phosphositerite accent. Her hair is up in whorls indicating that she has not had children, while a lovely face is from overlaid turquoise. On the reverse side we see a Maiden Grandmother wrapped in a shawl with coral and turquoise inlays. Hair is up in traditional whorls too because she has not had children but has mothered many. A soothing face is from overlaid mother-of-pearl etched and darkened with jet paste. The lovely 26" long necklace is beaded with gorgeous clam shell heishe, turquoise, lapis lazuli and jet beads. Sterling silver cones and hook fixture complete the closure aspect. It comes with a 2" extension chain conveniently attached.