By Leland & Daphne Boone

Animal: Beaver, Material: Surfite
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Never shying away from work, Beavers are prepared for any season, especially winter. In the fall before a deep freeze sets in, they'll gather fresh tree branches and store them in the water around their lodges. The entrances to their homes is underwater, so they'll just swim out and retrieve that ready-supply of food as need be. For us, their animal medicine is that of industriousness, teaching through example that working hard has its own rewards. 

Daphne and Leland Boone's festive beaver has been carved from surfite, a cool and colorful recycled material from surf boards. Red coral eyes see the work to be done and a lovely cross-hatched tail plus incisors are bestowed on this approximate 3" long, 1" wide and 1 1/4" tall water friend.