Pink Peruvian Opal Corn Maidens, Badger, Bear & Kokopelli With Pueblo

By Florentino Martinez

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Florentino Martinez's incredibly detailed pink Peruvian opal carving is about 2 1/8" long, 7/8" deep and 2 1/4" tall and shows an ancient pueblo surrounded by corn maidens, a Badger, a Bear and a Kokopelli flute player. Florentino is known for the intricacy and masterful details he gives to each work. We love the little windows and entrances seen within the pueblo. The corn maiden's bodies and flowing husks are wonderfully done. The badger has an incised heartline and incised offering bundle, as does the bear. The cliff sides below the pueblo are etched with petroglyph-inspired designs like a spiral element, a bushytail (Fox, Wolf or Coyote) a sun, stars, a Dragonfly and a lightning bolt. Don't miss this gorgeous and truly collectible piece.