By Daryl Shack, Sr.

Animal: Horse, Material: Angelite
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Indigenous oral histories teach that horses native to North America never went extinct, as many people believed. The Great Plains People were fearless warriors able to move faster and hunt more efficiently because of the mobility equines provided. They continue to be an important part of Native identity and culture. Our partnership with a horse differs from that between a man and any other animal because it requires deep respect. Without applying such knowledge, the strength and benefits of these noble animals are inaccessible. Horses teach us that the most beneficial relationships are cooperative ones.

Daryl Shack, Sr.'s grazing Horse from angelite is about 2" long, 1/2" wide and 1 5/8" tall and can be a wonderful visual reminder of this vital animal medicine. A spark in the eyes is from the inlaid cultured opals.

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