Double Strand Animal Fetish Necklace Of Natural Turquoise

By Debra Gasper

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Debra Gasper and her husband Ray Tsethlikai have created this fabulous double strand, reversible multi-animal fetish necklace. All the animals are carved of various kinds of gorgeous and truly precious natural turquoise, each with sterling silver inlaid eyes. They're strung along with fine heishe shell and sterling silver faceted beads. Center Bear is about 7/8" long and 7/8" tall, while the other animals vary in size from about 5/8" long to almost 1" long. Besides bear, we see Eagle, Owl, Badger, Mountain-lion, Turtle, Frog, Rabbit, bushytail (Fox, Wolf or Coyote), tadpole and Mole friends. Overall necklace is about 28" long, slightly adjustable. Comes with the artist's sterling silver signature label attached.