"Blue Moon" Mountain Lion Fetish Pendant

By Fabian Cheama

Animal: Mountain Lion, Material: Turquoise
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A "Blue Moon" Mountain-lion (panther, puma or cougar) fetish pendant is named so because carver Fabian Cheama said he finished it on the night of the blue moon. Amazing blue moons occur once every two to three years. Full moons in general produce a natural bright light which can effect nocturnal animals like the big cats. Intricate etching marks represent lovely fur, while fierce eyes are from inlaid jet. Awesome gnarly teeth emphasize a mountain lion's supreme hunting abilities. Including the silver bale, measurements of this collectible turquoise pendant are approximately 2" long, 1 3/8" wide and 5/8" deep. The silver snake chain is not included but is available and sold separately here.

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